Other Ways to Improve Your Patio

Amazing Patio With Blue Chairs Furniture Other Ways to Improve Your Patio

Are you planning to improve your patio? You can try to use the idea from figure 1 as a reference to improve your patio. Take a look at figure 1, you can see the patio looks good with simple decoration. The patio furniture becomes a focal point that draws attention since it has bright color – blue. Some plants also successfully bring natural atmosphere and green color to the patio area. You can improve your patio become a good place as good as figure 1 starting with the patio floor first. You can use pavers as your patio floor like the figure 1. Compared with soil ground, patio pavers look more beautiful and also can bring neat and clean impression. Then, you can add patio cover on your patio. Hire professionals if you don’t know how to install the patio cover. Then, hang some patio lights like the figure 1 to lighten your patio area. Then, complement your patio with a set of patio furniture with blue color just like the figure 1 too. As the final touch, you can grow some plants on your patio to ornament your patio.

Beautiful Outdoor Living Decorating Style Other Ways to Improve Your Patio

Otherwise, you can also improve your patio with the idea from figure 2. The patio from figure 2 looks comfortable to be used for sitting, reading, and gathering. Apply this idea to your patio by planning to use an outdoor carpet. Purchase and place an outdoor carpet with beautiful pattern on your patio. Since carpet and rug have a difference in size, make sure that you purchase a carpet, not a rug in a furniture store. Then, you can add mini gazebo with sofa and a set of patio furniture in a furniture store. As a final touch, you can add cushions on your patio furniture to ornament your furniture.

Great Outdoor Patio With Wicker Furniture Ideas Other Ways to Improve Your Patio

Another idea, you can choose figure 3 as your reference in improving your patio. You can see the patio has beautiful appearance. Try this idea by pouring concrete with a nice pattern like figure 3. Then, you can complement your patio with a set of wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is popular furniture that you can easily find in some furniture stores. To make your patio more beautiful like figure 3, you can add some plants on your patio.


Source :   housebeautiful.com