Open Shelving Storage for Kitchen Decor

spagnol shelving Open Shelving Storage for Kitchen Decor

Open shelving storage has been popular for quite long some time ago to complete the kitchen decor. While, it is because the storage pieces are very versatile options, although they aren’t definitely suitable for everyone. This typical style allows you to accommodate and display your things and stuff at the same time. But when you do the storing, take a note that your dishes and storage containers have to be worthy to be on display 24/7. Chipped, mismatched dishes or the jumble of storage containers will never have the good look on open shelving. However, if you’re quite fussy about the items that you want to display or if you collect the stuff that you want to include, these glass-front storage ideas with open shelving from Spagnol will be an attractive choice that will help you to make a comfortable kitchen.

asko dishwasher Open Shelving Storage for Kitchen Decor

Try this open shelving storage that will be a great option to inject your personality to the kitchen decor. Similarly, this versatile open shelving storage from Asko which includes the dishwasher that shows you how to store and display dishes at the same time. Wait, you still have an added bonus with the dishwasher right there, close at your hand so that you will easily to store and take anything you need. The top of the storage is a long empty space that can be used to display some decorative ornaments such as a clock, some cans, nick nacks and potted plants. Let’s see another open shelving storage to get more inspirations.

This arrangement of open shelving storage could be more convenient for any kitchen decor. The item is customizable and also can be used to add accent to your cooking space. Yes absolutely, it provides a functional place for you to store pots or plants of fresh herbs that often needed when you cook something. The storage has a double function that serves as a house for attractive containers of which is often used staples like beans or pasta. In this way, this thing which is being stored come a design ornament and accessory. Wall shelves of Spagnol in small size have the added design feature to be a cube that adds interest and also helps ensure the items will not fall off the shelves.


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