Airy Cooking Space with Open Concept Plans

rustic and modern kitchen Airy Cooking Space with Open Concept Plans

With a decor somewhere in between modern and rustic, the kitchen which is designed by Balance Associates Architects has wooden cabinets which are completed by black elements and stainless steel including the backsplash and island countertop. The kitchen utilizes a long space with an open entrance as the border that separates it with the dining area. The island looks so elegant with the glossy black marble top and in another hand, it looks quite contrast with the wood in light woodsy hue beneath. Some high bar stools are added to complete the display of this spot. The dining area consists of a dining table with glass top and some armless chairs. From the glass window, we can see that scenic mountainous site. The living area is placed in a separate space in the home, I guess.

traditional kitchen designs Airy Cooking Space with Open Concept Plans

Unless the more modest and minimalist look is chosen, colors, organic and natural finishes are often used when design kitchen with open concept plans. It helps homeowners to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that permitting the space to feel more comfortable. In addition, the purpose is to form an inviting gathering space. Wooden beams of the ceilings serve the main purpose for this case of this traditional residence which was designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects. I like the lighting fixtures which are hung from the ceilings and they seem to dangle in an elegant and beautiful way. There is also an open cabinet for the book collections. Thus, you can read your favorite books in the living area.

western lake kitchen. Airy Cooking Space with Open Concept Plans

In a case of beach home decor, the warm, earthy materials and colors are replaced with blue and white shades that complemented by specific textures. Although the ceiling fan is actually a part of the living space decor, in this case, it also influences the ambiance in the kitchen with open concept plans. The border that separates the cooking workspace and living area is the aisle for traffic and movements. Everything in the kitchen decor looks so elegant, calm and modest with the subtle cabinet and bold kitchen island. The living space accentuates the beach theme to the decor with some decorative ornaments and the rustic coffee table. From these open concept plans for kitchen layouts which one that fits with your home?


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