Neutral Country Design of Dining Room

 Neutral Country Design of Dining Room

Decorating the dining room must be an interesting task to do. All you need is browsing as many as designs on the internet and then apply it at your own dining room. There are so many wonderful designs that you will make you so fall in love. Any theme you want to search just type it and a million pictures will appear in seconds.

Before you choose the right design, of course, you need to consider the space of your dining room. Is the space enough to put the feature or not? Besides that, you need to think about your money, Do you have enough money to buy furniture that you want or not. Is the design theme appropriate with the rest house or not. Don’t ignore those little things, because this will give big affect to your dining room final look.

While you thinking about your favorite scheme you want to apply on, this is an image of neutral country dining room design. The characteristic of country design is casual and cozy. The classic of bench colored in blue and the wall painted in white make this dining room looks so eye-catchy. The unfinished custom-design which is has a dark color of natural wood bring the countryside into the dining room. The natural fiber materials of rug strengthen the country feel, and so the chandelier, brownish star-shaped chandelier as the overhead lighting.

At the nook, you can put a sofa and coffee table, and this empty space turning into a reading spot. And don’t forget about the window seat, which will make you enjoy the conversation after a meal with your family and friends. Still in the same area but feel so different. Put some fluffy pillow and throw to make the seat more comfortable. Even this dining area has no separation with another space, but the characteristic still can be seen.

Avoid the overwhelm look by put not too many accessories in this room. In this dining area, there is some candle holder with a deer-antler shape. Besides you can use it when the electric is turning down; this is a perfect piece for this country design dining room.


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