Neutral Bright Modern Breakfast Nook

 Neutral Bright Modern Breakfast Nook

Dining room is a special space in your house. It is a place to nutrient both, your body and soul. As a human, you need to talk and share your daily activity with your partner and family. Your tons activity sometimes don’t let you to having a nice conversation with your family, and you end up being stressed, hectic and bored with your own life. So, at least you need to leave a space which is a simple and bright one to make you feel inviting every time you pass by this spot. An attractive but neutral breakfast nook is perfect for you.

An attractive dining room doesn’t need to be overlooked. Sometimes you can find a beauty in simple. In fact, the simple design can make you stay in a long time. If you are a person who doesn’t like do redecorating a house that requires a lot of time, money and efforts, you can copy that picture above to be your own breakfast nook at your house.

Painted the wall with neutral color, you can choose white or cream, according to your preference. In addition to making the small nook feels spacious. A wide picture window supports the neutral and bright color of wall painting, let the natural sunlight enter and highlight the entire dining room. The unique pendant lamp gives enough lighting while the sun is down.

The white soft-textured bench seat more people, enough for the whole family member. Look so combining with the white top surface circle table and dark brown legs. The soft brown color of floor adds a modern touch to the nook. A pair of wicker-rubber-chair adds the cozy and warmth ambiance.

As the result, make your day more complete with serve the nutritious and fresh food. The tasty and good plating make your family enjoy the breakfast in happy feeling. And they ready to start the day and face the world with a cheerful face. This breakfast simple nook is perfect for you who like to experience the different atmosphere between dinner and breakfast. The basic lines and sleek shape make the nook look so stylish and custom.

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