Nail an Impressive Classic Home Decor by Designer Meg Braff

classic den home decor Nail an Impressive Classic Home Decor by Designer Meg Braff

Meg Braff, a talented designer wants to reveal the secrets of a bold yet traditional classic home décor, a Long Island Colonial home. Feel a lively décor that you will find in the den alone here! We can enjoy the lively feel from the roll-arm sofa which is covered in elegant teal silk-velvet. The green framed windows are embraced by chintz curtains with an idyllic red floral in chocolate and cherry. Chinese taborets in red lacquer are placed at each side of those gallant armchairs. In the centre space, a stunning coffee table with golden frames and glass top is placed in a parallel line with a cushioned sofa. The floor in this den is covered by elegant red Persian carpet with idyllic and intricate floral pattern.

To emit subtle ambiance, the wall backdrop is painted in neutral raffia. The color looks in contrast with the high gloss window casings in spring green. The clients are a young couple who have two small handsome boys. They consider the stone-and-clapboard dwelling on the Long Island North Shore their first “real” home. They both tend toward stunning home with traditional interiors but they did not want the rooms to have an uptight or fussy look. The idea to the classic home décor was to make the interiors look as if the small family had evolved over time.

We can see that the bright green color on the window trim is a quite unusual choice and yet not roaring. Window trim becomes an often-overlooked opportunity in a home to create a statement. That herbal color links with the color palettes of the interiors that flank the den, thus we will find a continuity which is so necessary for an interior décor, especially in this classic home décor. It also becomes a great shade from inside to outside transitioning. What an impressive window trim. We see a half dozen of different patterns that does not have a more chaotic look. The secret is all about symmetry, and we also see a balanced display with the window trim as the background of the den. The lamps, curtains, pillows and club chairs are all in pairs and they are arranged neatly thus you will see the same pattern on a side of the space as on the other. Those are some secrets behind this classic home décor. Hope you get inspired.


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