Multi-Functional Furniture Piece for Your Home Interiors

land peel for fucntional piece Multi Functional Furniture Piece for Your Home Interiors

This multi-functional furniture piece probably becomes one of the most adaptable and flexible you can ever find. This item is called as “Land peel”. It was created by a talented industrial design student from Japan, Shin Yamashita. Basically, it is just a flat mat which is made of 3 pieces. Each panel of this multi-functional furniture piece can be lifted then it will be either a set or table. It will be a perfect item for some activities such as studying, lounging, watching TV, relaxing, writing or reading.

fusion table Multi Functional Furniture Piece for Your Home Interiors

Our second multi-functional furniture piece is this Fashion table. How many of us wish to have space in our house to have a pool table? Well, say thanks to this functional piece. From now on, you will no longer to worry about that matter. This is the versatile “Fusion” table that serves both as a pool table and a dining table. It was created by an ingenious one, Aramith. It is a wonderful multi purpose item that will allow you to have fun and also to have a regular-looking living room or dining area by making a few changes in a simple way.

Pool table manufacturers have to find new ways to justify the huge expense and massive usage of real estate. They need to compete people’s attention from the internet, social-centric video games and Video-On-Demand, Dance Dance Revolution and pretty much anything from the Nintendo’s Wii. The Billiard Industry tried to face the massive challenges by creating innovative designs to save their ever shrinking customers and markets. This functional “Fusion” dining room table or pool table is long-time leading manufacturer, especially in the billiard industry. The innovation of this Fusion dining table is by giving multi-functionality as this item combines a pool table, a game table and a dining table all in one.

side chair Multi Functional Furniture Piece for Your Home Interiors

Another attractive multi-functional furniture piece would be this “Side Chair”. It is designed by Alexander Kneller. This furniture is a modular piece that serves both as a table and a chair. You can just sit down and be comfortable while still have room to lace your glass, plate or laptop. There are two versions available for each of this multi-functional furniture piece. One of them has an open lower space for storage.


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