Modern Residential Architect of Kenyon Vestu House

kenyon vestu home design Modern Residential Architect of Kenyon Vestu House

The home and site of modern residential architect was designed by applying’ the principles of Kenyon Vastu House in traditional Hindu’s system. The Vastu’s positive energy of the five natural elements blends effortlessly with the building, spaces and sites that help in creating setting of peaceful life. The residence is dubbed as Kenyon House. It is placed in a spacious area with 3.7 square foot, in Los Angeles. DIGBAR Interior and Architecture has completed the project to accommodate Indian family with four generations.

Clear lines with the mix of glass, gray and white walls and also wooden element have described the modern accent in an obvious way in this modern residential architect. Front yard with small pave and lawns are animated by some potted plants in a neat arrangement. Fresh green hue welcomes the guests who visit four generations family. The outdoor lounge is a comfortable resting place to spend relaxing time with breeze gusts. A stunning outdoor fireplace is placed nearby the potted bamboos; it irradiates warm atmosphere to this outdoor space.

outdoor lounge in vestu home Modern Residential Architect of Kenyon Vestu House

Lavishness is emitted by the massive use of wooden laminate floor, art deco, glass, and marble materials to the entire interiors of this spacious home. Art deco with intricate pattern decorates the bathroom. It looks so harmonious with beige glossy tiles. Built-in shelves help the homeowners to manage clutter in the bath space by storing the toiletries in a neat array. The shower and tap are made of steel and mounted on the wall to maximize the space available. Let’s see other rooms in this Kenyon Vastu house to get more inspirations.

Blurring walls of glass are installed to give some privacy to the inhabitants. The powder room is completed with a long floating cabinet. The item has glossy tabletop with wooden drawers. Beautiful vanities with mounted taps are so harmonious that create a balanced look with marble and backdrop. The modern residential architect of Kenyon Vastu house is an excellent example that mixes the traditional touch with modern design. So, what do you think about this Kenyon Vastu house? Do you get some inspirations to decorate your own home?


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