Modern Nightstand Designs Bringing Chic Look

You can also repurpose a stool, a wooden crate or even some vintage luggage by implying the similar way to make your own modern nightstand designs. The whole point of doing that is to come up with the new different look than the stereotypes, one that is enjoyable and memorable, one that impresses in a personal way. If you really want to try something original and unusual, consider repurposing a wing from a toy plane, a bike wheel, a barrel or other less common items or objects which not meant to serve as furniture piece at the first place.

solid wood bedside table Modern Nightstand Designs Bringing Chic Look

Modern nightstand designs don’t have to be futuristic to bring the modern look. In fact, some of those furniture pieces are closer to a traditional look in that sense. This one is a perfect idea to add the modern nightstand designs to your personal room. The furniture pieces come in a minimalist way with some geometric accent at their front parts which also serve as the drawers. The main theme of this personal room is also simple with a soft backdrop. The headboard is covered by velvet upholstery in shabby blue, green and gray. To create a balanced look, some cushions are covered in colorful upholstery.

bedside table with table lamp Modern Nightstand Designs Bringing Chic Look

Let’s see more inspiring modern nightstand designs that will adorn your personal room. A small chest with some drawers will be a perfect nightstand or bedside table that looks so nice and also being-storage efficient for you at the same time. Besides the extended wardrobe, this modern room emits its simple design with the addition of the modest nightstands. Elegant touch is irradiated by the tufted headboard, the carved accent of the drawers and also the knobs. Each detail in this personal room includes the wooden floor, the shabby carpet, the wallpaper, the paint of the furniture pieces, the blanket and the cushions are all in a minimalist look.

traditional nightstands Modern Nightstand Designs Bringing Chic Look

In this case, the whole bedroom has the sculptural theme which is going on with carved out details on its furniture. Besides the modern look, this personal room also brings an elegant touch that we can see from the huge headboard, the extended cupboard and also the carving accent on the feature wall and furniture pieces. The modern nightstand designs are placed at each side of the headboard that stands in a graceful way with the carving legs.


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