Modern Living-Dining Rooms That Invite Pleasurable Feel

Some of the modern living rooms decorations, the owner want to create a room that has a simple dining that unite together. Usually, it aims to get a more bedrooms and also to create the living area that can be easy to serve food for the guests.

The dining area position is usually placed in the middle of the room which also has no window around the dining. However, it is important to present a proper lighting. The dark dining room that has weak light will fell unpleasant and uncomfortable. Proper lights over the table can invite the comfort for the guests while eating.

Here are three pleasurable living rooms which come with dining area.

Cozy Modern Living Room Arc Lamp Modern Living Dining Rooms That Invite Pleasurable Feel

First, we have a cozy living room with nice and fascinating décor. The use of gray and green which are dominating the look seem match each other. There is a black couch with accented pillows and cushions on the white furry rug which has a lower table at the front. The uses of green ottoman chairs give nice accents for the living room decorations. Elegant curved floor lamp in silver color looks shiny above the table. That dining area will increase people appetite because it placed near the bright window; thus, we can enjoy meals while looking at the attractive view beyond the wide glass wall.

Modern Living Room orange sofas open space plan Modern Living Dining Rooms That Invite Pleasurable Feel

As what we know, that orange is one of the cheerful colors that can increase the appetite. This living room uses orange sofa sets with colorful pillows and accompanied by black rug and side tables. The dining area comes with brown chairs and black dining table. It seems more elegant with the wooden wall back there. This living also shows up the modern pub with three stools which is suitable with the dining set.

Modern Living room Red accent wall fun accessories Modern Living Dining Rooms That Invite Pleasurable Feel

It is another modern living room with the dining area that looks pleasurable to live in. Large screen TV is placed against the reddish wall mural while the white seats look contrasted with the black lower table on the blue rug. It also has a comfortable dining area with the pub. What most attractive thing in this living room must be the great chandelier hung to the ceiling which has a white color in yellow light.


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