Modern Bedside Tables Completing Your Personal Room

bedside table with wooden top Modern Bedside Tables Completing Your Personal Room

In fact, a bedside table in your personal room doesn’t necessarily to be very big. A small one will prevent the thing from piling up on top. Here, we present you some stunning modern bedside tables to complete the look of your personal room. Obviously, there are many simple ways that you can do to create a beautiful decor for your bedroom with the addition of modern bedside tables. Those furniture pieces aren’t necessarily repurposed. Actually, they can be designed for that purpose specifically. Those items can be special thru the materials that were chosen to make them, the finish, the color, the shape, the size or the texture.

small bedside table Modern Bedside Tables Completing Your Personal Room

When you choose small modern bedside tables for your personal room, you have to consider choosing pendant lighting fixtures instead of table lamps to avoid overcrowded look to the tabletop surfaces. You don’t need to always the identical bedside tables to your own personal room. You may choose a different design, style, size and material for your bedside tables. Moreover, you can just pick one or a single table at one side of your bed frame like what is shown by this stunning bedroom. I do really like the shades of the feature wall, headboard, and linen.



nightstand with book storage Modern Bedside Tables Completing Your Personal Room

Our next modern bedside tables have a pretty interesting design for a nightstand. It has a similar feature to the C-shaped table which is commonly used and added in a living room. The design is so simple and one of its edge tops is touched the mattress. The very close distance between your bed frame with the bedside table will certainly ease you to reach and place your stuff such as eyeglasses, cup, or other small items. Under the tabletop, there is open storage to place some items such as your favorite books.

twin bedside tables Modern Bedside Tables Completing Your Personal Room

In this case, for this minimalist yet stunning personal room, it is the matching details and symmetry display of the modern bedside tables and floor lamps that make the decor stand out. We can see that space is not quite large thus if you want to have a workspace in your personal room, you can place it in the corner space in a parallel line with the layout of the room. You can also choose a desk with the long tabletop.


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