Mixed Storage Styles for a Kitchen Decor

arrex wood cabinet Mixed Storage Styles for a Kitchen Decor

As always, mixing and matching kitchen storage is also an option type. Our today’s kitchen decors include mixed storage styles which are closed, some which is open along with merged specialized units, all are in perfect combinations that fit the way you live. This inspiring Arrex kitchen decor mixes some finishes with all three different types of storage. At the end, the open units serve as display space, the cabinets which include standard doors as well the frosted glass and the center wine rack becomes a special feature that mostly homeowners will like. It is the best in a casual and functional cooking space in all words that includes multiple mixed storage style in a kitchen decor. The mix of some finishes makes a neat coordinated look and not the jumbled display.

martini storage Mixed Storage Styles for a Kitchen Decor

Even in a kitchen decor that mostly has closed-door storage, an open unit in small size will add extra punch if you can do it in an accent color as what we found in this inspiring kitchen decor by Martini. Here, you will see the accent unit that includes space for some wine bottles, some drawers to keep small things handy and open sections to display. The cabinet next to that accent unit is open to showcase the large ample storage space. These mixed storage styles have a big impact on the overall design although they are small and slim and of course, they are perfect pieces for kitchen decor with narrow space.

deca storage Mixed Storage Styles for a Kitchen Decor

Although the cabinet of Deca has mixed storage styles with a mainly open container, it is also completed with closed cabinets on its left part to hide away some kitchen necessities that may not quite attractive. Different styles are featured by the open shelving including some all metal, all wood shelves and another mix of both. This kitchen arrangement and assortment will appeal storage options to those who look for a hardworking cooking space with a professional and commercial vibe. Large expanses of the open shelving require tidiness at a heightened level. Thus, from the three mixed storage styles, which one is the best for your kitchen decor? Just make sure you make the right decision.


Source            : www.homedit.com