Midcentury Houston Home with Contemporary Touch

Houston House With Retro Facade Midcentury Houston Home with Contemporary Touch

An inspiring midcentury Houston home has got a contemporary touch with artful coaxing by architect Ray Booth of McAlpine and Elizabeth Kennedy. He has successfully revealed the sleek soul of a stunning 1960s home. Previously, we have talked so much about some renovations in this midcentury Houston house. In we will look for more inspiring ideas in the culinary space. Booth has some ingenious strategies for this space. The midcentury Houston house had the smallest culinary space imaginable and teeny with some tiny windows. Space felt quite cramped both spatially and emotionally.

The architect with his partner decided to add about 50 square feet and cleaned out some cupboards and opened it up into an ample room. They installed a wall of windows over the kitchen stove and added the skylight in the hub above the kitchen island. And finally, they have made it as a fun and happy place to prepare and enjoy the food. You will still find more to this culinary space than immediate meets your eyes. Yes, it is true. Most of the storage in this culinary space is hidden behind doors with full height panel opposite the window wall. The doors can be opened and folded back which provides an access to the countertop appliances and the coffee bar. The main goal was to make everything to have its own place thus space could close up tight as a tick.

Houston House With Midcentury Living Room Interior Design Midcentury Houston Home with Contemporary Touch

Booth still has any other ideas of smaller space living space in this midcentury Houston home. Both the master bedroom and dining room have the stunning skirted chairs that intentionally they designed for Lee Industries. The idea is to pull extra chairs from the master bedroom which is located on the same floor especially when the homeowners have a bigger dinner party to host their lovely guests and families. In the living room, you will find an unexpected touch of wooden ceiling. Booth has never been a drywall fan thus he avails himself of any chance to avoid it. For him, a ceiling is such kind of an easy place to add some textures and finishes and you can get a lot of bang for the buck by giving some characters to it.

Houston Kitchen Ideas Midcentury Houston Home with Contemporary Touch

Here, they used poplar and gave a thin application to it with paint that works like a stain. The main purpose is to show off the grain. A reference to the ‘50s and ‘60s home is also used for the paneled ceiling which was one of their design guidelines to create visual continuity between the original home and what it is today with its new stunning look of midcentury Houston home with a contemporary touch.


Source   :   www.housebeautiful.com