Mid Century Dining Area In the Now-World

 Mid Century Dining Area In the Now World

A place to entertain the family and friends and enjoying tasty food is a dining room. Create a sophisticated dining room to make this area become the focal point area in the house is a must. You need to decide what styles you want to bring in your dining room. So, you not only see it as a place but you see it as a masterpiece.  You should choose the furniture you like and suit the home design.

This dining room is a masterpiece. Troy Beasley designs this dining room with so many touches of mid-century era. Every furniture inside this dining area is matched without break the main theme. The modern chandelier that hangs above the dining table creates fresh ambiance in the beautiful old world dining design. With the same tone of brown color in a curtain, table and so the chair looks elegant and luxurious.

Look at the attractive ceiling, the vaulted ceiling have a similar ceiling with the subway entrance. Because the attractiveness of the ceiling you do not need to hang the chandelier with so many ornaments. Just use pendant lamp with simpler design to lighting the dining area. If you feel that the lighting is too soft, additionally you can put an artistic candle holder which has bigger size than usual to add some light when getting dark on the outside is. The candle holder is so unique; with the great shade come from this lighting fixture makes the dining room.

Don’t ignore the choosing of artwork. Artwork can make or break the dining look. If you chose the wrong artwork which is it cannot go well with the entire look you will see that the dining room just break your mood. However, find some references to choose the right artwork in your dining room. Here, you can find the large picture with mid-century live theme. This picture suits the theme if the dining room. And the pair of palm in different side adds the fresh and natural touch to this dining room. You can also add some kind of artwork. Well, hope you will find the best dining room in your house.


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