Mesmerizing Kitchen Decorating Idea with Small Space

small kitchen in old style Mesmerizing Kitchen Decorating Idea with Small Space

Add a little freshness in your small kitchen decorating idea to bring it back to life. The window at an end wall of this U-shaped kitchen is used to hang some potted plants. The cabinet set follows the feature and layout of this cooking space. The middle area is used for movement when the homeowners do their cooking activity. The Hidden place will be a great solution for any kitchen decorating idea. You can place the kitchen pantry behind a door by utilizing cramped space available. Let’s move to our second idea.

tiny kitchen in bright backdrop Mesmerizing Kitchen Decorating Idea with Small Space

So, even if you have small kitchen decorating idea, you still have the chance to make the best out of the cooking space. Add practical storage with a simple design to save the space available. In fact, there are plenty of inspiring examples of small kitchen decorating idea which are better managed, organized and also more functional than some with more spacious floor space. The examples illustrate it perfectly and can easily be an inspiration for many homeowners.

You can choose bright and neutral colors for your wall backdrop such as light blue, white and beige. The colors have the flair to make space look bigger and more spacious. The refrigerator is nestled to fit with the corner wall. Then, a kitchen stove in white is placed nearby the refrigerator. A wooden table with two-storey storage and wheels is placed in a parallel line with the two previous items. Over the window, the homeowner installs stainless steel rack to hang many frying pans. Moreover, the homeowner also utilizes the space over the refrigerator top to place some books and decorative plants. A pink mat adds a chic touch to this cooking space beside avoiding the homeowner from slippery.

well organized small kitchen with carpet Mesmerizing Kitchen Decorating Idea with Small Space

A window is an important part of a kitchen decorating idea. It permits the daylight to irradiate the space in a natural way. In addition, it also ensures a smooth air circulation in a kitchen. Let’s see the details in this inspiring kitchen decorating idea. The corner wall is used to place an open cupboard. The functional item has some storage to place the kitchen stuff and utensils. An idyllic mat is placed on the wood floor to avoid the homeowners from any slippery.


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