Mesmerizing Bathroom Design Idea for Comfortable Bathing

Bathroom Design Idea with floating vanity Mesmerizing Bathroom Design Idea for Comfortable Bathing

Spoil yourself with mesmerizing bathroom design idea after the rush hours all days. We will present you some impressive bathroom collections which are actualized by the talented designer of the Mexican architects from an architectural firm, the Casa’s Smart Integral TLC. The various designs give you more options in deciding the best bathroom design idea that fit with your personal taste.

Panoramic views of modern life from a tall building with sparkling lamps and contrast dark sky at night will be a perfect ambiance for your leisure bathing experience after your busy hours. Sleek bathtub with round feature is made with a low surface. It is mounted on the wood floor. A white tub is framed by black element around its edges and is completed with shining steel tap. A simple table is added nearby the tub to place the toiletries. Glass partition is used to separate the white area with the powder space in this modern bathroom design idea. Two vanities on a long wooden table are completed with an addition of a decorative wall mirror.

Let’s come to something opulent like this large open bathroom design idea which blends effortlessly with the master bedroom. White tub with rectangular feature has a smaller base is completed with stand up tap. The stainless steel item has a smooth curved line. Scenic views peep from the outside and it is coated by an elegant curtain that offers some privacy to the users. Stylish vanity with sleek legs looks endearing among the subtle sandy brown yellowish tone. A decorative wall mirror is framed by a white frame and completes the bathroom display. Wallpaper in subtle beige tone and bold brown floor with glossy surface creates a contrast to the white backdrop.

Everyone will fall in love with serenity in this rustic bathroom design idea. It has bare natural elements that maintain the natural beauty. Modern lines of the white tub are contrasted yet beautiful with the use of stone as the material. The homeowners add some idyllic chandeliers to enhance the relaxing atmosphere inside the tranquil bath space. Old-fashioned fireplace, Asian sliding doors, white tub and wooden stool strengthen the traditional touch to this bathroom design idea.


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