Manhattan Apartment Interiors with Colorful Rooms

Kids Rooms entry corner Manhattan Apartment Interiors with Colorful Rooms

In Manhattan apartment interiors, designer Miles Redd intentionally created kid-friendly rooms to the modern dwelling since the homeowners have two lovely children.  He doesn’t do some room or the kids’ room to be outgrown. A pair of siblings in New York City, ages 5 and 7 get so much fun thing in their colorful playroom to play. A show-stopping place for the children is provided by adding an artwork. Later, it becomes a perfect surface for them to paint. We can call it as a bulletin board. An ample seating is added to space, it is window-seat cushion of felt with a mattress edge and horn buttons that will be beckon friends in the teen years of the children. The item just swap out the stunning IKEA table and stools for low-slung cocktail tables and in addition, you can hang in there, “Redd says.

The Manhattan apartment interiors have been transformed by Redd with banding of polished stainless steel. He changed a blank canvas into playful arts-and-crafts kids’ playroom in that custom lacquer of emerald green. He hates to say that he and the clients were influenced by a red library of Brooke Astor, but in fact, we were!” When those lovely kids are of age, space will convert into a graceful lounge seamlessly. “Childhood is quite brief. And before each of us realizes it, they will be teenagers soon.” A polished sink is a custom item. It is coupled with a Waterworks faucet which has a streamlined feature. Those elements make cleaning paintbrushes a breeze and of course, it will make a fun handy bar sink that offers you an entertainment.

Red chose cork floors for these Manhattan apartment interiors, especially in that kids’ playroom. Cork is perfect for children. The surface is soft underfoot to run and play plus you can drop items on its surface and they will not break,” the designer says. To add it a chic look, Redd laid some panels in de Versailles pattern of parquet that created at that Versailles in the late 17th century.  Plenty of storage has been accomplished by Redd with the project’s architects i.e. Richard A. Borrier and James Shearron to add function to the kids’ playroom.


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