Manhattan Apartment Design with Convertible Rooms

Kids Rooms green playroom Manhattan Apartment Design with Convertible Rooms

In a stunning Manhattan apartment design, designer Miles Redd made a colorful living room. The great room is the space where the homeowners can relax with their two beloved children. There are some convertible rooms for the kids that are so genius where you see the interiors. One of the parent’s dream come true is the slash bar in the emerald green kids’ playroom. The designer does not do any room or kids’ room designed to have an outgrown look. Thus, for a pair of modern city siblings, ages 5 and 7, in New York City, he intentionally created a fun and colorful emerald green kid’s playroom with longevity in our mind. Redd conjured a blank canvas into a room with arts and crafts in custom lacquer of emerald green. The surface is polished with stainless steel banding. Thus, here it is, a emerald green kid’s playroom for those lovely kids.

Red hates to say that they were influenced by red library of Brooke Astor, but they were!” he says. The wall will convert into an elegant lounge when the kids are of age. “Childhood is so brief. And before you know it, the kids will soon be teenagers.” Stainless sink is used for this Manhattan apartment design. A custom sink with polished effect is completed with a faucet from Waterworks which has a streamlined feature. They make a breeze of cleaning paintbrushes and it will ultimately make a handy bar sink as entertaining.  Cork floor seems one of best choice for children. “Its surface is soft underfoot for the kids to run and play, plus you can drop stuff on it and of course they will not break,” Redd says.  He intentionally laid the panels in de Versailles pattern of parquet to give it a fun chic look. The parquet created at that Versailles in the late 17th century.

Plenty of storage that Redd accomplished with the project’s architects currently stashes away blocks, art and toys supplies. Those functional items can be converted to stunning bar storage and even the homeowners can use it as fridge drawers down the line. He did the project with Richard A. Bories and James Shearron to add functions to this Manhattan apartment design.


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