Magnificent Rustic Bathroom Decorations

Rustic Bathroom Decoration Ideas Magnificent Rustic Bathroom Decorations

A rustic and natural bathroom yet still can present an elegant and stylish atmosphere is not impossible to be embodied. For an example, the picture above presents both of the natural and elegant nuances. This bathroom is surrounded by many fixtures which are made of natural materials, such as wood and stone, but they don’t diminish the beauty of this room. Instead, those materials make this room more sparkling and characteristic.

Let’s start by observing around the vanity’s area. The countertop of the vanity has mosaic patterns that contain various brown colors as the combination. This color combination is really matching with the dark brown wooden cabinets which are under the countertop. In these cabinets, you can save the toiletries, such as the towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, liquid or bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, and any necessary stuff for bathing or showering. On the countertop, there are twin sinks which are gray-colored and made of natural stones. They have no polish, so the characters of the stones are still shined. Moreover, there are two mirrors which are separated by a rectangular wood. In this wood, there is a hanging lantern which is installed on the wood ceiling. This wood ceiling is also equipped with some recessed lightings as the artificial lamps.

Furthermore, the floor of this room is made of the natural stones which still show their original colors. On this floor, there is a greenish brown bathtub which is also made of the stones. However, it is not like the hard floor which isn’t varnished. This tub has got varnished. Therefore, it looks shiny when the glow of the lightings touches it. Around the tub, there is no faucet available. However, the tub can get water from a tiny hole in the ceiling. Hereinafter, this bathroom also has another wood cabinet other than the cabinets under the countertop. This cabinet is placed in the corner of the room. Because the size is much bigger, you can put other bigger stuff inside. Next, the shower room is also available in this bathroom which is separated by the glass barrier, so you can see directly toward it. This kind of barrier can expand your vision.


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