Magnificent Row House Designs in San Francisco

family room with banquettes Magnificent Row House Designs in San Francisco

We still have some rooms that haven’t been visited yet by us in this stunning Row House décor, San Francisco. The rooms are the family room, another dining area, and the master bedroom. We will discuss the rooms one by one and we’re going to start from the family room. 20-foot wall length in this family room is run by two banquettes. The designer truly likes the ease that go from the dining area to this family lounging. This room certainly has that expansive feel because the space is not cult in a half by the sofa.

Still in the family room, there is an artistic photograph of William Curtis Rolf that has given the space a vibe of garden room in this Row House designs. The coffee table of Distressed Ionic Capital has that shabby look in its surface and also the idyllic carved accents. This small item is from Restoration Hardware. The wooden floor is covered by Rug with simple pattern from West Elm. The side table is small and has glossy golden surface. Its round top can be used to place your morning coffee or tea.

The dining area is set precisely at end of wall nearby the family room. The connection of these two open spaces is the long white banquettes. This is another dining area in the Row House designs. The dining set has a smooth and sleek feature includes the chair, armless chair and also the round dining table. The leather dining chairs are by Design Within Reach while the Panton chair is by Vitra. Add greenery on translucent vase and pot on the dining top to bring the natural touch to the dining area.

master bedroom with masculine touch Magnificent Row House Designs in San Francisco

Feel the masculine strength to the master bedroom of the Row House designs. It has a custom bed with a porthole mirror of Curtis Jere brass which has a vintage look. The gold glass lamps of Murano are by Steve Jensen, from William Switzer. The designer really likes straight lines, hard angels and also clean geometry but those elements can still be oppressive. He also added that circular elements are very human and compelling to be inserted in any home décor includes in the Row House designs.


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