Magnificent Master Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas with Sunken Tub

tubside fire in a bathroom decorating ideas Magnificent Master Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas with Sunken Tub

The tub in this California bathroom is placed in a niche with arched window. The extended glass window is framed by black iron that allows the inhabitants to enjoy the scenic views outside. The tub side fire will spread even warmth to the entire space. A framed painting is mounted over it to add an artistic value to this spot. A decorative ornament is also placed on the surface of the mantel fireplace precisely beneath the painting. Candle holders of wood with stunning carving accents are placed at the edge of the dashing tub. Ohara Davies-Gaetano is the talented designer of this project that wanted to put a huge white tub in front of the arched window.

For that reason, she intentionally designed a stunning sunken bath which is made of marble slabs. Just imagine that you lie in the bath with flickering of flames and also the setting of the sun over the pacific, “the designer says.”Can you tell me what is more relaxing than this?” When you imagine the elements and details of your dream home, you may mentally design a stunning roomy closet or an expansive swimming pool. But the ultimate opulence just may be a well-found bathroom which is designed for relaxation.

This bathroom is a part of a luxurious home which is located in Dana Point, California. The tub which is embraced by the arched window in the niche is made of Crema Marfil marble which has a plush look. The tub practically disappears that makes this elegant bath feel more spacious and open. Everything from the travertine mosaic to the plaster walls of chalky has enlivened the final display of this luxurious bath. The marble chips of the floor is in white and looks pale and creamy with gray and green undertones that are shone out in the custom-painted finish of the vanity.

All the elements in this room creates a cohesive harmony that are carried thru the his-and-her counters and sinks which were fabricated with the same element of marble as the sunken tub. Double sconces which are found in France are made of antiqued mirror. They are framed by engraved woods and mounted on the larger mirror of the vanity table. They are like jewelry that brings a romantic and inviting feel to this spacious bathroom.


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