Magnificent Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

stunning white tub in a mosaic tile bathroom Magnificent Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

Mosaic tile will never lose its appeal. I really love its intricate small size tile with the mix sort of colors such as white, light gray, light blue and also bold blue. There is a built-in vertical shelf in this space which is used to keep some decorative ornaments and toiletries. There is three storage of the vertical shelf which is separated by glass element. Beneath it, there is a sleek white tub with the smooth curvaceous feature. A shimmery tap of the iron stainless steel is installed at the side of the tub. The surface of the floor is adorned with herringbone pattern in white and gray. This gorgeous bathroom has an extended floor to ceiling cabinet with sparking surface.

magnificent pattern of a small powder room Magnificent Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

This small powder room is so majestic of the intricate and colorful floral pattern that adorns the surface of the wall. The pattern truly amazes with its rich vibrant colors in blue, yellow, red , white, and brown which also depicting some objects such as flowers, butterflies, and fruits. The rectangular mirror looks idyllic with appealing motif at its edges. Beneath it, there is a round mirror which is framed by wooden element. The vanity is added in a stunning wooden tube with a bold rustic accent. A floor faucet with the smooth curvaceous feature is added at the side of the vanity. You can place a towel at the edge of the vanity to ease you in wiping your face. Sconces of flower’s petals will illuminate this small space in a beautiful manner.

Small Bathroom With Stunning Shower Decor Magnificent Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Captivate You

A small built-in square shelf is added in this stunning shower room. There is also a stool of Chinese style which is made of shimmery iron. The shower is mounted on the wall and the appearance of the stool will ease you while you’re taking your shower. I do really love the massive use of natural stone in soft beige. This material is used dominantly for the wall and floor surface of this elegant bathroom. It magnificently emits the charm of the natural hues and textures. The vanity table is also topped with marble in the same hue. The additional open rack is added beneath the storage of this functional wooden table.


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