Magnetizing Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Huge Bedsteads

bedroom with huge bed furniture ideas Magnetizing Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Huge Bedsteads

This boy’s bedroom is an ingenious work of Ken Funk Design that accentuates a minimalist style. The bedding is Collection of Frette’s Hotel. Philip’s Perfect Colors in Robin’s Egg becomes the choice to paint the ceiling, white the wainscoting is in White by Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s. Sparks of orange is added to animate this neutral room. The tone is on the table lamp, duvet, throw pillows, a basket ball, a tray and also the carpet. The corner space near the bedside, a stunning side table in modern style is added. A stylish table lamp merges effortlessly with the table top.

inspiring master bedroom interior decor Magnetizing Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Huge Bedsteads

One of the end walls of this smokey neutrals bedroom is nestled a cozy nook for indoor lounging area. A huge window becomes the background of the pleasing lounge with a cushioned white in the middle part. Wall mounted sconces are installed at each wall side of the nook to enhance warm atmosphere thru the dim lights. The cupboards flank the lounge in an elegant manner. The headboard looks so graceful with the Royal Suede upholstery by Edelman Leather. The stunning item is an artwork of Frank DelleDonne. The duvet is from Ralph Lauren, whereas the bedding is from Sferra.

luxurious master bedroom makeover ideas Magnetizing Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Huge Bedsteads

Mary McDonald, the designer of this elegant bedroom has intentionally covered one of the room’s walls in gray of Ralph Lauren. The color suits with the wool to create a cozy atmosphere to the space. The rest of the walls are painted in Alabaster hue by Shervin-Williams to keep the space looks light. The duvet covers are from Williams-Sonoma, while the pillows are from F&S Fabric of vintage silk necktie. A huge tapestry with idyllic pattern and elegant shades of black and red becomes a sumptuous layer that covers the surface of the floor. A statue on a white pillar is placed nearby the partition to add artistic value to the space.


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