Luxury Home Decor with Dramatic Pacific Views

This luxury home décor was intentionally made to connect the living room with dramatic ocean views surround the property. This stunning project was accomplished by Ezequiel Farca Architects. The architecture studio has envisioned this luxury home décor with floor-to-ceiling windows and green walls. It is located in a marina in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This private residence was conceived as a getaway escape and a holiday oasis overlooking the Pacific Bay that offers all possible amenities for the homeowners. And I do really like the green walls that offer some benefits besides showcasing a beauty to the exterior décor.

green wall home facade Luxury Home Decor with Dramatic Pacific Views

From the façade of the luxury home décor, we can see some buildings that feature cubes and blacks. There are two different looks from the façade; one building with green walls of natural plants whereas another one is made of concrete walls and natural stone. Here, there is a captivating merger between the natural textures and materials that contribute the original design scheme. The use of those materials creates fresh rooms and spaces inside the home that offer passive cooling dually especially during the hot season. Furnishings and decorative ornaments in this home were exclusively added and designed to merge with the architecture itself.

Great Pacific Outdoor Living Ideas Luxury Home Decor with Dramatic Pacific Views

The luxury home picks the modernism of a 1950’s style. Earthy finishes and materials have warmed the style, such as green walls, board concrete and custom furnishings of walnut. Linen fabrics and colors bring relaxing and warmth ambiance to this beach home, while custom furnishings bring a not to the mid-century décor, complemented by selecting elements throughout the house in vintage accent. From the roof, we will see fabulous decorative gardens with various plants. There are some lavish facilities in this spacious home include a fitness center, two Jacuzzi bathtubs, eight bedrooms, a home theater, a firepit, a veranda with outdoor swimming pool, and numerous gathering spaces with a multi function for socializing inside and out.

outdoor sunken Luxury Home Decor with Dramatic Pacific Views

Round sunken becomes a cozy outdoor lounge though we also find many lounges at the terrace in this luxury home décor and residence. But one of the coziest is this sunken lounge. It has a firepit in the center of the space. Besides offering warmth to the people surrounding, the firepit also becomes the axis of this outdoor lounging. Beach chairs and seating with cushioned bases and backs are placed to follow the round feature. They are arranged in certain way to impress us with the mesmerizing patterns. Do you find the outcome inspiring? We hope so.


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