Luxurious Modern Bathroom with Cultured Marble Decorations

Luxurious Bathroom with Cultured Marble Decorations Luxurious Modern Bathroom with Cultured Marble Decorations

Cultured marble is one of many materials, which has the ability to bring out the elegant and luxury atmosphere if it is placed in any place. For an example, in the picture above, there is a bathroom which is surrounded with several fixtures made of cultured marble. There is a white corner bathtub that is made of marble. The countertop which is cream-colored is also made of this material. This creamy cultured marble countertop has double sinks and stainless steel faucets. On the wall close to the faucets, there is the anti-bacterial liquid soap which is put into a soap dispenser. So, when you want to wash your hands, you can soap them with this liquid soap and rinse with the water from the faucet.

Moreover, this bathroom is also equipped with an expanded mirror, so this room looks more spacious because the reflection which is reflected by the mirror. Because this bathroom has enough exposures from the recessed lights which are placed on the ceiling, you can see quite clearly if you want to check your appearance or just want to fix your makeup. A toilet area is also available in the corner of the room. On the wall near the entrance of the toilet, there is a hanger that you can use it to hang your bathrobe.

The shower room which is next to the bathtub is separated by circular frosted glass. This frosted glass gives you privacy when you want to take a shower because no one can see you to the shower room. On the floor in front of the shower room, there is a fluffy white doormat. You can wipe and dry your feet by using this doormat. Other than in the shower room, you can also take a shower in the bathtub. The bathtub is equipped with two faucets. One faucet functions to fill up the tub; meanwhile, another faucet is for showering. So, this tub lets you soak and shower in the tub at the same time. For the overall appearance, this minimalist bathroom looks so luxurious and elegant. It thanks to the cultured marble touch that has the capability to present those atmospheres.


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