Luxurious Massive Bathroom with Amazing Exposures

Massive Bathroom with Amazing Exposures Luxurious Massive Bathroom with Amazing Exposures

If you are still searching out the design of a bathroom that you can take into consideration, the bathroom in the picture above would be a perfect idea to be actualized. However, if you really want to make a luxurious bathroom like this, it is absolutely important for you to have a massive size of the room.

Even at the first sight, all of us know that this bathroom is really incredible. It has very large space, filled with the pristine white color, and some golden touches in certain parts. The lighting systems, whether it is natural or artificial, can make anyone who enters this room stunned. We can say that this bathroom has complete facilities that can indulgent all of our senses.

This bathroom is equipped with a bathtub with a jacuzzi design that has pure white color and it is equipped with an elegant faucet and douche that are coated with golden tones. There is also a shower room close to the toilet. The shower area and toilet are separated from the soaking area by one staircase. For the partitions, the shower room uses translucent with a golden hue in each edging. Another facility that you can find out in this bathroom is a telephone which is located next to the toilet. Therefore, you can make or receive a calling even though you are still enjoying your time in this bathroom. There are also several hangers provided so that you can use them to hang your towel, bathing suit, or clothes.

The lighting systems of this room are really fantastic indeed. Moreover, the installation of many mirrors let the lights bounce to the entire room. This room is equipped with several skylights on the vaulted ceiling, so the lights of the solar light can enter and fill the room from all sides. They let this white bathroom look more glittering. Furthermore, the installation of some recessed lights is able to provide a sufficient lighting when the night comes.

For the embellishments, you can choose natural decorations, such as greenery plants. This room obtains the natural light that is important for the plants. So, you can place these plants in this room because they still can grow normally.


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