Luxurious French Style Bathroom Ideas

 Luxurious French Style Bathroom Ideas

Another fabulous bathroom idea that you can get is the design of the bathroom above made by Ken Kelly. This pretty bathroom has so many fixtures which are able to give a vintage yet elegant atmosphere. The selections of each fixture are matching to each other. The blue jeans color as the main color is used to coat the fixtures which are made of the wood. These wooden materials, such as the vanity and shelves present a natural nuance to the room. The vanity which is available in this room has a white countertop with double sinks thereon. Under this countertop, there are some cabinets available which are an imitation of the cabinet model in the 18-th century of France.

Furthermore, there are three mirrors in a row and the antique lights to brighten this area. Because there is a gap in the center between the cabinets, you can also put a chair between them. So, when you want to get ready or check your appearance, you can do it by sitting on this comfortable chair. There are other artificial lightings that you can take as an additional option. An elegant white drop-in bathtub is placed on the decorative floor. This tub is equipped with some faucets which are made of metal. These faucets let you adjust the temperature of the water as your desire.

Next to the white tub, there is some built-in storage shelves mounted on the wall. On these shelves, you can use it as a place to put some container candles which can release out an aromatic scent. The warmth of the candlelight is able to present homey feeling in this room; and at once, you can soothe your minds by inhaling this scent. As some additional garnishes, you can place some flowers into a glass vase on the countertop or the edge of the tub. A bold color for the flowers can be a nice idea. However, make sure that the color is harmonious with the color theme of this room.

This design bathroom by Kelly lets you experience the country nuance of French in the past. You can find out how French people in that era spending their precious time soaking in the tub.


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