Luxurious Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern Luxurious Classic Bathroom with Herring Pattern

A herring fish is one of the animals, which becomes an inspiration for home interior designers. Nowadays, the herringbone pattern is commonly used for the interior decorations. This pattern is also very popular for many people who wish to renovate their bathrooms. This pattern is not only used for the wall but also the floor. Because of its uniqueness, this pattern becomes the favorite for some of the people.

As you can see in the picture above, the wall of the bathroom is decorated with the herringbone patterns. Not only that. The walls whereby the drop-in bathtub built and even the ceiling also have this pattern. The pastel brown selection as the bathroom’s main color makes it look more natural. The brown color of the bathroom’s floor also blends perfectly with the other interiors. Indeed, if you wish your bathroom to have an impression of a beautiful nature, the brown color is one of the best decisions that you can take into consideration.

Furthermore, there is one set cabinet close to the bathtub. This cabinet has a color combination between white, for the countertop, and deep brown, for the storages. This cabinet is varnished so that it can be sparkling and looks elegant. On the countertop, there are some lavender flowers in the transparent vase. Some greenery plants in the transparent glass bottle can also be added in the corner of the bathroom because they have the ability to present the freshness atmosphere. You can put the towel hanger attached on the wall, so you can minimize the using of the floor.

Next, adding a chandelier which has a French style on the ceiling can increase the graciousness of the bathroom. The glamor atmosphere can spread around the room if you use this type of the chandelier. You can add a wood-framed window, so this room can also get a natural lighting from the outside. Moreover, adding a window can help to get the fresh air from the outside. Overall, this bathroom design gives you some benefits. You can have a natural bathroom yet still look classic and elegant at the same time.


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