Luxurious Bathroom Using Archway and Lighting Installations

Luxurious Bathroom Using Archway and Lighting Design Luxurious Bathroom Using Archway and Lighting Installations

Another luxurious bathroom design that you can take into consideration is shown in this picture. This room is divided into three sections. The sections are a dressing area, bathtub, and toilet. For the overall appearance, this room is categorized as a symmetrical design with the bathtub area is flanked by a dressing area and toilet. There are two windows in both left and right sides so that the natural light can enter and fill the room. These windows are designed artistically which make them unique. Besides the natural light, this room also gets the artificial lights from the recessed lights, soffit lights, cove lights, and wall-mounted lights.

This design accentuates the bathtub area as the focal point. It can be seen clearly because there are more lights are installed than other areas. It is built separately and also has some details in its archway design. Furthermore, there is a feature wall which follows the design of the archway and it is brightened up with the cove lights, so its shape looks more stunning.

The floor of this room is made of wood which is varnished perfectly. So, when the lights, either it is from artificial or natural lights, hit the floor, it looks glittering. In the dressing area, there is a round sofa on the rug that covers the floor. You can sit on this comfy sofa when you want to do your make-up.

For the decorations, you can add some ornaments to make this room prettier. There are several ways if you want to embellish your lovely bathroom. In each edge of the windows, you can put something, like some flowers in the pot. Or, you may want to put them on the countertop in the dressing area. By doing this way, the beauty of this bathroom can improve because of some natural touches. For the additional exposures, you can install two wall sconces which are mounted on the wall in the bathtub area. These lights have a contribution in making this room brighter. The yellow radiance from the lights can make a calm atmosphere, so you can relax and soothe your minds and body while soaking in the tub.


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