Lovely Symmetrical Bathroom Using Brown Tones

Beautiful Symmetrical Bathroom Using Brown Tones Lovely Symmetrical Bathroom Using Brown Tones

Another bathroom which has a symmetrical position that you can take as a reference is the bathroom in the picture above which is filled with many soft brown colors. This bathroom is equipped with two big sets of vanities that the countertops are cream-colored. These vanities have a lot of cabinets and drawers that you can use to save the toiletries and new towels. Meanwhile, on the right side, there is a dressing table complete with the drawers that you can use to store several types of makeup equipment. In the countertops, whether they are owned by the dressing table or vanities, you can add some decorations, such as some flowers in the glass vase. One thing that I almost forget to mention, the vanities have glass cases. So, when you keep any object in it, you can directly see them and find out the stuff that you want to take out without experiencing the difficulty.

In this room, the shower room is also provided. The shower room is separated by the glass door with shiny metal door handles. On the wall, right beside the door, a hanger towel with a simple design is mounted, so you can use it to hang a towel. At the end of the room, there is a white drop-in bathtub which is coated with beige cultured marble. This tub is equipped with a douche and two faucets that can spout water with the different temperatures. One of them releases out hot water and another is cold. This room, particularly in the bathtub area, gets enough natural exposures. It is because there are several large windows available. On the edge of the tub, you can also put some plants. These plants can get sufficient lights from the solar light, so their growth won’t be hampered.

For some additional fixtures, you can place a rug to coat the floor. In this rug, you can place a comfy seat. A wooden chair can also be added in the dressing area so that you don’t need to stand up when applying your makeup. You can do it with ease while sitting on that chair.


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