Lovely Room Interior Design in Orange and Black

orange mudroom 1 Lovely Room Interior Design in Orange and Black

The room interior design of this mudroom is accentuated in strong color of orange. The wall is precisely painted in Fresno in Benjamin Moore. The color has avoided the monotonous look of your everyday mudroom, says the designer, Mona Ross Berman. Another wall is painted in pristine white color which has a clean look. This appealing room interior design is a part of many rooms in a beach house which located in New Jersey. The home is actually showcases the charm of 1960s style for its interior décor.

There is a functional open storage which also can be used as a seat with the addition of those chic cushions. The cushions’ upholsteries have various colors and patterns that animate the look of this orange and white room interior décor. The homeowner uses the storage beneath the wooden top to place many colorful towels. Not only that, we still find a functional mounted shelf on wall. It has five storages with the addition of woven baskets to avoid any clutter look.

We can feel obviously that this mudroom uses nautical theme for the room interior design. The turquoise wooden wheel over mounted shelf, the anchor pattern of the cushion’s upholstery, and also the paddle clearly showcase the nautical theme to the décor. Colorful rug with colorful striped pattern has animated the surface of the floor. This functional item is placed precisely beneath the chic yellow white pendant lamp.

room in dark black Lovely Room Interior Design in Orange and Black

Do you like to play any game? And do you prepare a specific room for this? If the answer this is yes, I would like to show you a stunning game room interior design in black. This inspiring room belongs to Windsor Smith, one of rooms in her elegant Los Angeles home. The backdrop is dominated in Bone Black in Ralph Lauren. It truly emits the charm of elegant black, says the homeowner. The walls of this game room are in a flat finish while the trim is in high gloss. When you walk into the room interior design during the day time, your eyes will go straight outside, “says the homeowner. This dark shade of black has stretched the perimeter. With black carpet and walls, this game room seems boundless and everything floats. This entertainment space is an ideal game room for anyone who likes an elegant look.


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