Lovely Modest Bathroom with Additional Fixtures

Lovely Modest Bathroom Decorating Ideas Lovely Modest Bathroom with Additional Fixtures

When we talk about the luxury of a bathroom, there are several important factors that need to take into consideration. It is not only about the facilities which is provided but also each detail of decoration. If you can make a right decision in choosing the fixtures and ornaments to equip your bathroom, it is not impossible to get a bathroom that you yearn.

The picture above shows you a chic modest bathroom which is equipped with some additional decoration. Basically, a bathroom is functionalized only for cleaning and removing the dirt of your body. However, it has a slight change in these days. If it usually only has a bathtub or shower room or even both; now, it also has a function as a dressing room. Moreover, people nowadays love to spend their leisure time soaking and lingering in the tub after underwent a tied up schedule. Therefore, if you wish that you can enjoy your precious time and cleanse yourself at the same time, you should adorn it as great as possible so that you can get an amazing experience when you are in the bathroom.

This bathroom is equipped with a built-in bathtub which has a whirlpool design and is located right next to the paneled windows. So, you can get a jacuzzi experience once you come into the tub. Plus, because the tub’s position is surely close to the windows, you are able to gaze directly to the outside and savor the scenery. The light of the sun can also enter and enlighten the room in the daylight.

There is open shelves storage mounted on the wall, so you can put some small size stuff on there. For other bigger size things, you can put them into drawers or cabinets which are placed under the countertop of the vanity. This room also gets enough exposures during the night from the lights of some wall sconces. Near the tub, there is a swivel hanger to lay some towels. A wooden chair or comfy sofa can also be provided as the additional fixtures. So, you can sit on it after or before taking a bath.


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