Lovely Japanese Style Bathroom with Black Granite Background

Japanese Bathroom with Black Granite Background Lovely Japanese Style Bathroom with Black Granite Background

In general, a bathroom that applies Japanese style design is quite simple. There is no need to put too many decorations inside. Just put any necessary fixture and natural decorations. Because of this simplicity, most of the people are very interested, particularly they who don’t have too large space for a bathroom.

If you wish you can have a bathroom that has Japanese style, the picture above can also be a reference. This design of the bathroom is very simple. However, you can be very satisfied because you can be surrounded by nature. On the bamboo floor, there is an oval freestanding tub which the color is pure white. Around this tub, a lot of grayish pebbles are placed to beautify and showcase the charm of the tub. Furthermore, on the one side of the wall, it is used black granite as the background.

Moreover, there is a vanity with some drawers which are made of bamboo wood under it. So, if you want to keep your toiletries or any important stuff for bathing or showering, you can put them in these drawers. There are towel hangers that let you hang your towels which you usually use. A hanger which is mounted on the wall is also available to hang a bathing suit. These hangers help you to keep either the towels or bathing suit neatly arranged. On the countertop of the vanity, there is a white vessel sink which is equipped with a white faucet that has a minimalist design. On the floor, two doormats are also placed. One is near the vanity meanwhile another is near the white tub. So, after you have finished soaking and cleaning your body in the tub, you can wipe your feet first by using this doormat and then reach a towel to dry off your body.

For some additional decorations, this Japanese style bathroom adds some white beautiful flowers. These flowers are really matching with the overall colors of the bathroom that consist black, white, and brown. Some green colors from the leaves of the flowers make this room even more lovely and natural.


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