Lavish Modern Condominium Design in Industrial City

Lavish Modern Condominium Lavish Modern Condominium Design in Industrial City

The lavish modern condominium design was built in Seattle, an industrial city with a port in Washington, US. The property was constructed by an ingenious designer Garret Cord Warner who incorporating two small condominiums into a single unity architect and interior. The spaces in the modern condominium design were reconstructed completely with high-level attention to the architectural details. Plafonds in minimal amount were dropped to specify areas that featuring the custom nickel light with designed fixtures, nickel ceiling panels, and backlit cast glass accents.

Comfortable seats and windows feature architectural design vocabulary that offers large subtle spaces to relaxing lounge. The main hall of the modern condominium design features the leather floor in red color that emits stunning clients’ sculpture by Julie Speidel. The master bath forms one of trademark bathing areas which is placed along a transparent window wall. It is completed with opening glass doors to bring the outside panorama inside this opulent condo.

A home office is nestled in the library room with a comfortable lounge. The lounge has a huge sofa in the subtle tone. Wood chair with backrest and a gallant desk in minimalist style completes the home office display. Classic hue in dark brown polished shade adds the elegant touch to the home office. Large open shelves with drawers embrace the wall surface to place much stuff. Sliding door with wood frame gives additional space to this home office. The aisle is neat and modern with the natural light illumination from the lengthy skylight. Wall mounted lighting fixtures help to add additional light beside the skylight. Some ornaments are added to the interiors to bring an aesthetic value. Bold floor with glossy surface looks in contrast with the white neutral tone of the wall and ceiling.

Modern, minimalist and opulent represent the master bedroom display with its enchantment. The master bed looks elegant with the headboard simple line which is completed with two lighting fixtures at its sides. The terraced level is used to design the ceiling with good lighting to irradiate dim light to this private space. The modern condominium design offers scenic views of the modern city. We wish that this modern condominium design gives you an inspiration to decorate your own condo.


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