Open Shelving Storage for Practical Kitchen Designs

snaidero shelving Open Shelving Storage for Practical Kitchen Designs

Snaidero open shelving storage could be easily combined with other elements of kitchen storage. It offers a similar type of open shelving storage with more linear feature includes the options for a solid top of the cube as well. You can find a more modern feel on the longer segments that could be used to store and display a wide variety of items. Once again, accents such as the pots and plants make a big difference in an open shelving storage. It has to be considered as a functional design item as much as a storage spot.

gatto wood unit Open Shelving Storage for Practical Kitchen Designs

Gatto open shelving storage offers stylish for the kitchen decor at the fully rustic end of a spectrum. It comes with a different style. The casual country vibe is played out with sliding doors in barn style that has a wire fence at fronts. It enhances the glass shelves at behind. The center part of the unit features pull-out binds that reminiscent of crates in the old country store. This storage can be home for bulk foodstuff, to dry goods or just about anything else. These units are open on top but not everything inside the crates is visible. The angled bins are even convenient and can hold herb pots. Gatto open shelving storage will be a nice mix of display space and kitchen storage.

spagnol wood shelf Open Shelving Storage for Practical Kitchen Designs

Sometimes, you want storage which is mainly a display unit. This style of open shelving storage from Valdesign isn’t often seen in a cooking space but it is perfect for the wall which can’t home deep cabinets. This shelving is slim and it does not protrude too far out to make it fit for an area which gets high traffic. Even the shorter version of the unit will be great to accent a small wall in the kitchen while still giving some storage space. Other customizable open shelving kitchen storage can be used to accent the space in a kitchen decor. Yes, it offers a place to place fresh herbs on pots or plants but it also serves as a house for attractive storage of often used staples such as beans or pasta. In this way, the utensils being stored come as a design accessory.


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