Kitchen Makeover Designs to Inspire You

blue kitchen Kitchen Makeover Designs to Inspire You

Sometimes you find the shade of blue that you really love and wish you can paint everything to the kitchen makeover designs insight that color. And the question is, why not? To paint the cooking space both walls and cabinets, Plain English Design has used the same shade to bring a very traditional feel to the traditional kitchen. This culinary space has that very simple look with some wooden cabinets in traditional design. Golden knobs are used that make a contrast look to the blue shade of the cabinets. In the hub of the space, there is a huge kitchen island with a wooden countertop. This item is painted in a shabby shade of green similar with the wood frames.

u shaped layout Kitchen Makeover Designs to Inspire You

When you have kids, it is important for you to have countertops with the surfaces which are easy to clean. Here is we have a prime example for you that gets it right with the counters and backsplash the seamless and glossy surface of lavish marble. Even, you can have your kids to help you keep the pretty blue countertop to stay clean. This cooking space has the neat U-shaped line with a wooden element for the floor. The end wall is the space for the sink cabinet and a window as the main source of the daylight and fresh air.

blue tile kitchen Kitchen Makeover Designs to Inspire You

You might ever think that tiles in smaller sizes belong in the bathroom decor but Wynne Taylor Ford has shown us otherwise. The backsplash here is just so stunning for the kitchen makeover designs while the other bluish accents pull the entire room together. We can see simplicity and style to the cooking space in the same space that everyone cannot even ignore. The backsplash becomes the main background that covers most of the kitchen wall. The rest cabinetry and counters are in white. The addition of stylish bar stools totally enhances the final display of the cooking space.

blue kitchen decor Kitchen Makeover Designs to Inspire You

Have you known that blue is also great in texture too for the kitchen makeover designs? The kitchen backsplash really brings out the rusticity in the culinary space with the gradient tones and wavy surface. Alexander and Co. chose well when they decide what will work best with those stunning wood cabinets. The empty space in the hub of this culinary space is used to place the pristine white kitchen island. The thin frame lets the half of the space beneath the countertop to be empty. So, in your opinion, which is the best type of these kitchen makeover designs?


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