Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

The installation of an island will improve a kitchen’s function. An island offers extra storage space as well as extra counter space. Besides in a large kitchen, an island can also be applied in a small kitchen. But, make sure to choose the right island for your small kitchen. You should also consider the island’s placement. There are many kitchen island ideas worth trying. To give you some inspiration, here are a few kitchen island ideas to consider.

Green Island

Kitchen Island in Green Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

One of the kitchen island ideas worth trying is an island in a bright green. To make green look even more stand out, use white as the color of the countertop. If you want to create a lively and cheerful impression in your kitchen, place a carpet with a purple and orange color combination on the floor beside the island. It would be even better to install some colorful and playful decorative stickers in the refrigerator door. Complement the overall look of your kitchen by placing a vase of orange flowers on the countertop.

Vintage White Island

Vintage White Island Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

If a vintage feel is what you’re looking for, apply a lower cabinet with a marble countertop as the island in your kitchen. Use brown as the color of your island hardware and decoration. Besides that, you can also use brown for the chandelier and the mirror frame, in which it’s hung on one side of the kitchen wall.

Architect Island

Architect Kitchen Island Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

Using an architect table is also one of kitchen island ideas to consider. To get a better function and a better look, install a glass countertop. Applying gray as the island’s color would be great. In addition, install hardware made of stainless steel on your island.

Butcher Block and Marble Table

Combination of Butcher Block and Marble Island Kitchen Island Ideas worth Trying Part 1

It would be great to combine two materials for your kitchen island. As can be seen in a picture of a kitchen above, the island uses the combination of a butcher block and a marble countertop. The marble countertop is in white. In addition to the marble countertop, white is also used for the wall and the pendants.

The other kitchen island ideas will be reviewed in the next article. See you there!