5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

If you want to have a comfortable and attractive kitchen, you need to consider several things, including the floor. There are various materials that can be used for the floor. Each material definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are 5 interesting ideas of kitchen floors to give you inspiration.

Graphic design

Graphic Floors 5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

In this kitchen, a large geometric pattern is used for the floors and gray is chosen as the color. The kitchen looks harmonious by the use of white for the cabinets, whether the bottom and upper cabinets. As for the backsplash, gray tiles are used as the material. The kitchen look even more attractive by the installation of a geometric patterned curtain in gray and yellow in the window.

Bold and colorful

Turquoise Floors 5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

If you are someone who loves retro look, then you can apply blue floors. In the kitchen above, old and new elements are mixed. The floors look attractive in blue with white and yellow decoration. The lamps are circa 1960 in Italian style and the blue-colored island with a white countertop is custom-made. Classic appliances like the yellow mixer emphasize the retro style.

Terracotta tiles

Terracotta Tile 5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

You can also use antique terracotta tiles for your kitchen flooring. As for the cabinets, it use wood as the material. The wooden cabinets look stand out by the application of white walls, countertops, and sink. The use of wood adds warmth to the kitchen. There are two pendants hung above the sink area and one above the island area.

Striped floors

Striped Floors 5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

This kitchen looks very interesting by the application of orange walls and hand-painted striped floors. Brown and white are chosen as the color of the striped floors. Wood is used as the material of the island counter and its countertop. There are black bar stools applied in the island area. Two industrial-style pendants are hung above the island area and make the kitchen more appealing.

Green floors

Green Painted Floors 5 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Floors

Using green as the color of the kitchen floors can be great as well. You can use a lighter green for the cabinets and door just like the kitchen above. As for the island counter, you can use a darker green. For a color combination, applying wooden countertops and installing black pendants are also a good idea.


Source: www.housebeautiful.com