Kitchen Decor Ideas with a Bit of Modern Touch

motra kitchen decor Kitchen Decor Ideas with a Bit of Modern Touch

There is no shortage of kitchen decor ideas with so many things we have to focus on. There is a lot to consider and a lot to plan before finally, we become happy with our kitchen looks. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck on our kitchen decor ideas and unable to decide between a wooden countertop and one made of marble. Everything has to match if you want to mix and match different finishes, colors, styles, and materials for the kitchen decor.

Some different styles can be mixed for the kitchen decor ideas. You can decorate your modern kitchens with some industrial features to bring a factory-like look to the decor. Installing additional storage will always be a good idea especially if you have a kitchen with narrow space. The space above the kitchen island can be used to install a rack for storage. Then, you can use those functional items to display some bottles or glasses. Moreover, they can double as a bar in your home.

modern kitchen factory Kitchen Decor Ideas with a Bit of Modern Touch

Now, let’s move to our next kitchen decor idea. This one is the factory kitchen design. To bring the look you want, just play with contrast and mix the surfaces of raw concrete with smooth and delicate finishes. Adding some warmth and texture to your factory kitchen decor ideas can be done by using wooden countertops. It will be a good option to bring warmth to the decor. Don’t forget to choose bar stools to complete the final display of your kitchen. Just make sure that the items you choose will fit and have a good look in the context.

All in all the final look of the factory kitchen decor ideas also have the contemporary touch based on harmony and contrast. The kitchen is completed with lower cabinetry which is designed out of wooden material with a natural finish. The purpose of using those material and finish was to highlight the grain. To bring a dramatic look, black marble is used. This natural element goes really well with the wood texture. It is so fun to mix and match some different materials and finishes to the kitchen decor ideas. Just use them to differentiate between different shapes.


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