Adding Breakfast Nook Ideas for a Functional Kitchen

More contemporary and modern houses have open floor plans for small nooks and crannies. This is the opposite problem of our previous article. Help the cooking space with some definitions by adding breakfast nook ideas on one side. The back part of a booth will keep everything within our eye’s reach but it also helps to mark out where the living space starts. In this case, the booth serves a double function as a cozy corner seat and stylish partition for the decor. To complete the final display, the homeowners choose a table with rectangular top and single leg. You can add one or more armless chairs for the spot since the L-shaped seat can accommodate many people.

traditional breakfast nook Adding Breakfast Nook Ideas for a Functional Kitchen

I do really like the look of this contemporary kitchen. It is quite spacious with a kitchen island in the hub of this cooking space. The countertop looks lavish and clean with the glossy surface of white marble. Add some stylish bar stools to make the piece more functional. This is illuminated by three pendant lights with round feature. The rest of the space is used to fit an extended and huge L-shaped cabinetry (the upper and lower cabinet and also a breakfast nook in the front corner area. The chess floor becomes the sign that defines this cooking space from other areas of this contemporary home. Let’s get inspired with other breakfast nook ideas.

breakfast nook with vintage table Adding Breakfast Nook Ideas for a Functional Kitchen

some kitchens have space which is meant as a dining area but sometimes it seems a little tight to place all those chairs to fit in a comfortable way. A breakfast nook is one of the best solutions to give this odd space with some purposes and styles that really fit there. This one is a good example of breakfast nook ideas like what we have depicted previously. The lower cabinet of this cooking space merges with an L-shaped seat. This functional item serves as some roles as a partition between the kitchen and breakfast nook, as a book storage, and also as a part of the kitchen cabinetry. To complete the final look of this corner, the homeowners choose a traditional round table with carved legs. This wooden item robustly emits the elegant charm nooks and crannies.


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