Japanese Bathroom Decor with Chic Color Combinations

japanese bathroom idea Japanese Bathroom Decor with Chic Color Combinations

It is quite rare to see a bathroom decor of Japanese-themed with colorful details. This Asian-themed usually has a simple look with minimalist decorations and fixtures. This style also commonly does not have too many hues and colors. The common colors mix we often find such as black, white, and brown. Some fixtures in other colors just are just occupied on several parts of this Japanese bathroom decor and are not too flashy in the decor. However, this Japanese bathroom decor is not similar to the common one. Although this private space still preserves the natural touch to space, this bath looks more delightful and attractive because it implies a dozen color mixes. Take a look at the example above, a Japanese bathroom decor, the wall where the mirrors set are in the vibrant color of purple. It makes a captivating contrast look with the two mirrors which are framed in brown and silver.

In addition, this Japanese bathroom decor also uses the color of maroon for the fixtures and furnishings. An ample cabinet set is in maroon, while the countertop of cultured marble is in white with the touches of shades in tinge black. There are two sinks on the countertop which are separated by a pot of white orchids with green leaves. Another fixture in maroon hue is the door of this Japanese bathroom decor. This wooden item is adorned by rectangular paneled accent which has an elegant color mix of white and gray.

On another side of the wall; a separate space uses a massive use of natural material i.e. black stone or granite for the wall. This area is illuminated by the installation of recessed and vertical light that offers you a sufficient exposure while you are leaning your body on the tub. The tub in this bath has an oval feature with brown tone of its outer and silver for its basin. The color mix of the tub is very congenial with the dark black backdrop. For additional decorations, you can place the potted greenery plant on the corner spot of the bath. If you feel bored with the look of your ceiling, you can put skeleton pattern on its surface like what is shown by this inspiring Japanese bathroom decor.


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