Interesting Kitchen Renovation Ideas

A renovation is required if the look of your kitchen is already dull and worn out. The purpose of the renovation is to make your kitchen look new and attractive again. There are two type of renovation, i.e. total renovation and small renovation. The total renovation is changing the whole look of the kitchen, while small renovation is changing a certain element of the kitchen such as replacing the color of the kitchen cabinet, replacing the countertop, changing the color of the wall, and so on. If you need inspirations of kitchen renovation, here are some inspirations that you may follow.

White Furniture and Dark Floors Interesting Kitchen Renovation Ideas

You can use the combination of white furniture and dark floors as your renovation idea. You can use white for the kitchen set and the countertop. Besides for these two furniture, white can also be used as the color of the wall, ceiling, and pendant lights. As for the floor, you can use dark brown-colored laminate with a wood motif. This dark brown laminate can also be used as the material of the kitchen door. You can also use brown as the color of the backsplash. To complement your kitchen’s look, you can use stainless steel as the materail of the refrigerator and the legs of the bar stools, while its seats are black-colored.

Modern Kitchen with White Brown Combination Interesting Kitchen Renovation Ideas

You can also renovate your kitchen by applying the modern design. For the color of your kitchen, you can combine white and brown. White can be used as the dominant color, while brown is the accent color. You can use white for almost all elements of your kitchen such as tge wall, ceiling, island, countertops, and pendant lights. While brown can be used as the color of the floor and cabinets that are placed behind the refrigerator. You can also add a little touch of yellow by applying it on one side of the wall. Complete the look by putting a vase of red flower on the island counter.

Modern Kitchen that Uses Island as Dining Table Interesting Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Using the island as the dining table can also be one briliant idea of kitchen renovation. You can use white as tge color of the countertop made of marble and for the bar stools. White can also be used as the color of the wall, ceiling, and backsplash. As for the floor and kitchen set, you can use brown as the color. Install some white pendant lights above the island to complement the look.