3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen will be able to function properly as long as there are several elements supporting it. One of the most important elements of a kitchen is cabinets. There are many kitchen cabinet ideas that can be applied. You can choose the cabinets according to the design or style and the theme of your kitchen. For giving you some inspiration, here are a few kitchen cabinet ideas worth considering.

Custom cabinets

Customized Cabinets 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets

If cabinets that are able to provide a unique look and impression that cannot be found in any other kitchens are what you’re looking for, choose custom cabinets. The custom cabinets can be ordered according to your needs. The custom cabinets will be adjusted to the kitchen size and design. Take the custom cabinets in the picture above as an inspiration. It consists of some deep drawers which are used to store jars of spices, tea, sugar, and so on. There are also some slots providing neat storage space for cookbooks and serving trays.

Glass cabinets

Cabinets Made of Glass 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets

One of the kitchen cabinet ideas you should definitely consider is cabinets with glass doors. With the use of glass doors, you’ll be able to display your pretty glassware. Besides that, glass doors also offer an open feel to the kitchen. Just like the small kitchen in the picture above, upper cabinets with glass doors are installed on the top part of the kitchen wall. Use the top cabinets to store kitchen items that are rarely used.

Cabinets with fabric panels

Fabric Panels for Cabinets 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Cabinets

Many people may think that using cabinets with glass doors is common, therefore try applying this idea. Applying fabrics inside the cabinets behind the glass doors is one of kitchen cabinet ideas worth trying. Make sure to use an interesting pattern and color, for example, striped-patterned fabrics in green, white, and brown. To make the fabric look even more stand out, use white as the color of the cabinets. The kitchen’s overall look will be more attractive by the installation of a patterned backsplash in the same color as the fabrics. Place some potteries in various sizes on the kitchen countertop as the decoration.

All those kitchen cabinet ideas that have been mentioned are interesting, right? Happy trying!


Source: www.housebeautiful.com