3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Decoration

In this modern era, a kitchen is not only used to cook but also for other activities such as eat, gather with the family, and even entertain guests. Therefore, besides the function, you should also pay attention to the kitchen comfort and look. A kitchen will be able to look attractive with the support of several elements, including the decoration. There are many kitchen decoration ideas that can be applied. To give you some inspiration, here are a few kitchen decoration ideas worth trying.

White and Blue Glossy Kitchen 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Decoration

One of kitchen decoration ideas is using glossy furniture pieces in white and blue. You can use blue for the cabinets, while white for the wall, ceiling, island, and countertops. To give a more glossy look, install flooring made of ceramic tile. The installation of large windows on the left and right sides of the wall makes kitchen looks even brighter. A wooden cabinet is also placed in the right corner of the kitchen, which is equipped with open shelving at the side that can be used to store cookbooks. The kitchen gives a calming feel and elegant look at the same time.

T Table Island in High Gloss Kitchen 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Decoration

There are many kitchen decoration ideas, but, high gloss kitchen with T island is one to definitely consider. The T island can be utilized as the room’s focal point. Some bar stools are put around the T island. You can use the T island for breakfast and casual meal as well as entertain guests. The other kitchen elements are the use of laminate flooring with a wood motif, dark gray cabinets, brown countertops, and white ceiling. An open shelving is built into the top part of the cabinets, in which it is used to store decorative items. The kitchen also uses a built-in stainless steel refrigerator.

Colorful Kitchen 3 Interesting Ideas of Kitchen Decoration

For a small kitchen, one of kitchen decoration ideas you should consider is a colorful kitchen. Use white as the kitchen backdrop color and combine it with blue, green, and yellow. Use blue for some parts of the wall, while green can be applied for the countertop as well as the bar stools. Install white and yellow patterned flooring and place a yellow rug in the cooking area.


Source: www.housebeautiful.com