Interesting Ideas of Designing a Modern Kitchen

In this modern era, applying a modern design in your home is a great choice. This design can be applied in every room of your home, including the kitchen. Not just in a large kitchen, this design is also suitable to be applied in a small kitchen. Here are some ideas of designing a modern kitchen.

A Modern Kitchen With A Traditional Feel Interesting Ideas of Designing a Modern Kitchen

The first idea is creating a modern kitchen that has a traditional feel. This traditional feel can be created by using wood as the dominant material of the kitchen. You can use wood for the ceiling, floor, cabinets, and dining table. Besides that, the seat of the bar stools can also use wood. For some parts of the wall, you can apply unpolished white bricks to enhance the traditional feel. Using a backsplash made of natural stone will provide a fresh natural atmosphere in the kitchen. Hang some pendant lights above the kitchen island to illuminate the kitchen as well as beautify it. Your kitchen may feel traditional, but it looks modern.

A Simple Yet Fresh Modern Kitchen Interesting Ideas of Designing a Modern Kitchen

The second idea is a simple yet fresh modern kitchen. You can use white and brown as the color combination of your kitchen. White is used for the whole wall while the ceiling also uses this color. Besides the wall and ceiling, you can also use white for the wall-mounted cabinets  As for the floor, choose a laminate flooring that has a wood color and pattern. Brown can be used for the base of the counter table that is placed in the middle of the kithen while its countertop is white-colored. To create a warm atmosphere, you can use wood as the material of the base of the counter table. Hang two pendant lights above the cooking area for illuminating your cooking activity as well as beautifiying the kithen. You can also display some white and green decorative elements.

A Modern Kitchen With A Floating Working Desk Interesting Ideas of Designing a Modern Kitchen

The last idea is a modern kitchen dominated by light brown. Light brown is used for almost all elements of the kitchen. To create a harmonious combination, you can use white as the color of the ceiling, black for the kitchen appliances, and orange for the bar stools. You can also add a decoration by putting some potted artificial flowers in the sheves. To improve the modern impression of your kitchen, apply a floating desk and put a computer on it as your working area.