Inspiring Scandinavian Home Design with Impressive Details

living space in modern villa Inspiring Scandinavian Home Design with Impressive Details

It feels quite difficult not to adore this modern villa with the approach of Scandinavian home design. Attention to details, harmony, and comfort become the main features that highlight the inspiring villa in 560 square meter land. Thomas Eriksson has constructed the home in Stockholm, Sweden. The developers intentionally increased additional welcoming factor aside by attaching major principles of modern architecture touch for the project such as openness and functionality.

You can directly prove it by seeing the gallant residence of the modern villa with the stunning Scandinavian home design that blends effortlessly with various outdoor spots, outdoor pond and also green surrounding the neighborhood. The residence interior designs exude a friendly ambiance, one that shines beyond strict modern home arrangement on Skeppsholmen. The color is the main asset of this architectural design that enlivens up the entire villa’s interiors.

Large windows provide exuberant natural daylight as an important element to Northern Scandinavian home design. Just enjoy the features in this modern villa that are complemented subtly with the emotional touch. The ambiance is emitted by the creative details. You can explore the virtual tour of this inspiring Scandinavian home design, a villa with seven rooms. The massive use of white, laminate wood floor and ceiling truly accentuate the Scandinavian touch.

The bathroom is large and also equipped with cozy indoor lounge. The seating area has a big beach umbrella that showcases distinction of the interior display. The powder room is nestled nearby the lounge with a traditional wooden table and an idyllic wall mirror in dark brown hue. Jacuzzi in glossy white steals people attention; it is placed in the middle ends of the room against the lounge.

Striped black and white carpet give a contrast look to the neutral backdrop of the modern villa. The furniture is in glossy black color that sets the room. White pendant lamps are lined neatly in an elegant manner to irradiate the open dining space. The Scandinavian home design is always impressive with its attributes to enhance your residence allure. A home in Scandinavian design is well known with its simple, minimalist and functional décor. It was probably Sweden’s interior design that entered the public consciousness firstly.


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