Inspiring Room Decorating Ideas In a Casual American Cottage

outdoor room in a casual cottage Inspiring Room Decorating Ideas In a Casual American Cottage

This stunning American cottage has a cozy outdoor room as one of its room decorating ideas. This outdoor space is filtered by daylight from the screened veranda. The natural light has shown off the floors of oak hardwood. A couple wicker sofas of Palm Beach are placed face to face each other with a minimalist coffee table in the middle. Those stunning sofa set is from Walters Wicker in New York. The designer, Westbrook wanted the old furniture to have an old look and also the new furniture to have a new look. The coffee table in this gathering space has a modern look.

green library Inspiring Room Decorating Ideas In a Casual American Cottage

Let’s get inspired with other room decorating ideas in this American cottage. And one of those is the cozy green library. Small sepia botanicals which have antique look of gold-leaf wooden frames are mounted around the walls of this study. They are intentionally added to the room decorating ideas to create continuity. Satin finish is used to paint the walls and trim in Withall Brown in Benjamin Moore while the ceiling is painted in a flat finish in Overcast of Benjamin Moore. Beside the dominant subtle green hue for the room decorating ideas, the pattern of the floor also steals our attention with its unique look.

Wing back chair of Fireside which is placed in the corner spot is by Dennis & Leen. This gallant chair is covered in brown and blue herringbone wool of Holland & Sherry. A stool for the footrest is upholstered in a same material of the wing back chair. A small side table is placed nearby the chair together with a stunning floor lamp. Add a cushioned pillow that will ensure the comfort of your back when you read your favorite book. The curtains that cover the green room decorating ideas also come in a same subtle hue of the wall backdrop of this studio green library.

Besides the corner wing back chair, another lounge in this green room decorating ideas consists of a wooden table with armless desk chair with antique look. All those furniture set is in Biarritz sapphire blue velvet Atlanta wear cushions from Edgar-Reeves by Rogers & Goffigon. There are three kinds of lighting fixtures in this library room decorating ideas. One has been mentioned before i.e. the floor lamp of twisted iron nearby the wing back chair. Another one is the table lamp and also a chandelier from Edgar-Reeves.


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