Inspiring Living Room White Furniture Interior Decors

Beauty and Elegant Living Room White Furniture Decoration Inspiring Living Room White Furniture Interior Decors

I love the way in which the draperies cover the space with the charm of the fabric and white color in an elegant manner. This living room is a traditional decor touched up by the dominant use of white hue to the entire space. The curtains, sofa set, wall, floor rug, and even the floor are all in white. Look the appearance of the tufted sofas with the cushion bases. They look more stunning with the addition of a yellow coffee table with a glass top. We still can find some contrast here, the dark color of wooden accent from the piano set and cabinets that are rested at the corner spot of this elegant space.

Living Room White Sofa Furniture with L Shaped Design Inspiring Living Room White Furniture Interior Decors

It is an example of a functional room. Yep, it is a spacious living room also has a function as a library area. Thus, we can name it as a library living room that accentuates white color dominantly as the theme of the decor. A long sofa with L-shape design creates an angle and stretches this area to have a more spacious look. The throw pillows, floor rug, and the sofa add brightness to space whereas the low wooden coffee table creates a contrast with its earthy dark brown hue. The wall behind the sofa is utilized to install an ample built-in shelf to display the collection of books. What a functional room it is! In a hand, it is a gathering space where you can spend your leisure time with your families. In other way, it is a library space where you can enrich your knowledge by reading books available there.

Nice Upholstery for Living Room White Sofa Set Design Inspiring Living Room White Furniture Interior Decors

The window installation offers us a sufficient light and air circulation to space. Moreover, the windows are installed in a neat layout that creates a good balance to this modest living room. Let us move to the furniture set. They look so adorable with the bright hue that is emitted by the white upholstery of the sofas and armchairs. The cushions decide to appear in the same hue to create a harmonious display. The coffee table chooses to come with the charm of vintage style. The legs of the table irradiate shabby hue with a glossy wooden top. Last but not least, the side table appears in a simple way with its round table top and iron frames supporting the feature.

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