Inspiring Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Designs

kitchen with blue tone Inspiring Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Designs

Claude Monet, a famous painter really knew his colors. Then he painted his kitchen makeover ideas and designs in blue. His kitchen is a prime example for you. He showed how different shades from the same color can give this culinary space lots of interest but without feeling overwhelming. Well, it is something to pay attention to especially when you work with blue. Another interesting thing here is the pattern on the blue tiles of the wall, backsplash and kitchen cabinet. All in all, this kitchen mixes some different styles to the decor. The floor has the honeycomb feature in a shabby brown shade. And over the dining area, there is an old-fashioned classic pendant lamp there. The natural daylight and scenic views can be felt and seen from the door and window.

navy kitchen Inspiring Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Designs

Navy is often labeled too dark and also overlooked for many interior decors. However, EMI Interior Design suggests that being a darker shade which isn’t black can really make other elements in your culinary space pop. Plus the addition of marble for the kitchen makeover ideas and designs against deep tones will bring a stunning look. This culinary space is set in a parallel line which uses the rest of this space as the dining area with a sink cabinet. A decorative wall mirror in the middle of that wall becomes the idyllic item that adorns the interior decor of this kitchen. Do you want to see more kitchen makeover ideas and designs? Let’s move to the next.

light blue kitchen with white cabinet Inspiring Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Designs

On the other end of the color spectrum, many people think that the soft color of light blue just belongs in a nursery decor. Angie Keyes uses the pale blue to the kitchen makeover ideas and designs with some serious vibes of cottage accent. If the mother of Peter Rabbit had a kitchen, then this would be it. This culinary space is so lovely with the mix of pristine white color with a pale blue that at the end brings a calming atmosphere to there. The glossy surface of the countertops also adds the elegant look together with the kitchen backsplash. You can add some cottage ornaments to echo the vibes to the decor.


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