Inspiring Kitchen Interior Designs for Makeover

gray concrete kitchen Inspiring Kitchen Interior Designs for Makeover

Rob Mills Architects definitely agree that concrete is the new design medium. Basically, their kitchen interior designs are all concrete. Actually, concrete is a warmer gray than you would think. Thus, you can let your kids cook and do their homework and also play soccer in the indestructible cooking space without losing a wink of sleep. The dominant use of gray for the walls and furniture set, the white for the ceiling and woodsy hue for the floor in the kitchen echo the industrial look. All in all, I see simplicity here but yet it doesn’t reduce the charm of the space. Three bar stools in pristine white color totally make a statement among the gray ambiance.

blue tile kitchen Inspiring Kitchen Interior Designs for Makeover

Nowadays, blue is one of most popular color. It could be considered as a neutral color. Except it is not because it emits peace and calm feeling, exactly what you want for your kitchen interior designs while you are trying to get your baked cake out of the bundt pan or oven without cracking. The walls of this kitchen are all covered with glossy blue tiles by Howell’s Architecture and Design to bring out the relaxation. This kitchen has the U-shaped layout facing the window. And the interesting thing in this cooking space is the contrast look of the dark blue tiles, pristine white walls, and subtle brown hue. They create a good harmony there.

modern blue kitchen Inspiring Kitchen Interior Designs for Makeover

Blue tile might not be your choice for your kitchen interior designs thus you will have to find another option to get the color such as to paint the cabinets fronts in blue. This cooking space is the excellent example just how effective it can be when most of the space is embraced by cabinets. The kitchen uses open plan concept that blends with the dining space without any partition. The most fun thing to cook and have breakfast in this open plan space is the unabated views that you can enjoy from this modern residence. Well, some colorful flowers will never be a bad idea to be added to any interior decor. From our today’s kitchen interior designs, which one is your favorite one? Allow us to know.


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